How to Get People Tweeting About Your Product?

Take a lesson from the Kraft marketing handbook, add you own twist and see what happens. Kraft ran a Twitter promotion in which the company identified pairs of people tweeting about Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and then contacted them, awarding prizes to the first to respond. This simple campaign garnered 1.5 MILLION tweets, yet it only cost the company awards of t-shirts and boxes of Mack and Cheese.

Now the company is trying something new: Turning the best Macaroni and Cheese tweets into commercials that run the same evening as the tweets were sent.

And while you might not be ready for prime-time, these ideas can easily be adapted to your own business. In the case of the first campaign, simply offer free downloads to the winners, or physically male them CD’s or DVD’s.

As to turning tweets into same day ads, why not put the best tweets about your products on the home page of your website and make the tweeters “famous” for a day? You could even incorporate your favorite tweets right into your sales materials, videos and books. Lots of people want to see their name in print, and it will cost you next to nothing to create your own viral tweeting campaigns.

For more information on the Kraft Macroni and Cheese Twitter campaigns, click here:

And to see an ad created the same day from a tweet and shown on Conan, along with 2 more same-day ads, click here:

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Without Google?

You already know that relying on Google for your website traffic isn’t a good idea. No matter how much traffic Google might be sending right now, with the flip of a switch your site could fall off the natural search results and into oblivion.


Plus, you might not want to spend all your time optimizing your site for search engine rankings, either. So what’s a blogger to do?  Click Here to watch the Free Traffic Videos now!


You might join a blogging community, where you connect with other bloggers, share their content and in turn get your content shared as well. Done right, this can bring in a terrific amount of targeted traffic, sans Google.


Another method is social media; publishing interesting pieces of information, snippets of ideas and even engaging questions that build conversations. The trick is to choose your social media outlets wisely. Ask yourself where your ideal customers are hanging out, and then join them where they live.


And Then Follow These Steps To Get Traffic:-

  1. Discover great content and share generously
  2. Leave comments on great pieces of content
  3. Engage, engage, engage


And while that sounds incredibly simple, the fact is, it is simple. It’s also time consuming. So choose your niches carefully and then keep a tight focus on that particular niche. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, be the absolute best in your chosen area and you can do really, really well without ever worrying whether Google will send you traffic or not.


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