Email Tools [Review]

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What is Email Tools? This is a revolutionary system, a giant tool in Email marketing and it definitely is a game changer in IM arena. This can triple your Sales and a MUST have for any business that wants better response for their emails, even for internal mails.

The Demo illustrates, how Email Tools could be used while sending your emails.

Email Tools is a collection of Apps within a cloud based system that enables you to create 4 different email engagement widgets.  You can just design all of them at once and send it through your email platform.

So, What are these Widgets?

  • Timer Widget: You can have a Scarcity Timer in your email for better and faster conversions.
  • Video Widget:  We already know Videos helps better conversion on any platform.
  • Personalization Image Widget: This tool helps you to add images to your email. It can be sender’s Image or any other relevant Image
  • Survey Widget: This is very useful. You can run a survey within the email itself.

Although some of these Widgets are available each one separately with various Tools in the market, this is very unique because, it is an all in one system.  But there is something unique in this too. This is the first time a Survey Widget has come for email.  You have even 3 options for Surveys:

1. Yes / No Answers

2. Numerical Grading

3. Star Grading

Email Tools in a Nutshell!

System Feature:   Cloud Based

Product Details:    4 Email Conversion Widget in One System (Click Here for more information)

Supported Platforms:   All Email Blast Platforms ( Example Aweber, Getresponse, SendGrid, MailChimp etc)

Owner:                    Jimy Kim   (A Leading Marketer with many successful products in the past)

Ease of Use:           Very Easy ( No Sof Skills required)

Cost:                         Medium Range

Launched on:         Novemeber 1st

Our Verdict:            Recommended. Has the potential to produce high results for Early users!,

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