How to make money with affiliate marketing?

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Easiest way to make money online with Affiliate Marketing

If your know How to become an Affiliate Marketer, the right way then you have an opportunity to make a full time living with Internet life style.  First, Let me ask you a question: Are you on a certain marketer’s email list? You know the one – he sends out an email every day or two telling you to go check out “X” product because it’s new, revolutionary, exciting and the most amazing thing ever? Yeah, that guy. I’m on his list, too.

In fact, I’m on the list of a couple of dozen marketers who fit that description, and the fact is, I seldom open their emails anymore, much less buy their recommendations and I bet you’re the same way.

So who do you buy from? The marketers you trust, right? Me too. But then how did these marketers got introduced to us.  Just think!.  Either they got introduced to us by other marketers whom we trust when they promoted their products or they must have sent to us an irresistible offer with an amazing subject line that we could not resist opening it. But there is another great idea some of the new marketers are adopting, which is their proof of purchase of the products they are promoting and they would talk about the features that explains you more about it.

Here is an example of such a proof of purchase below:- rrbotIt was an amazing deal, not only it has a life time access it had unlimited option for your own use.

You want to know what this product is?

Click here to Check this out. Don’t worry it will open in a new tab.

And here’s the reality. A new marketer whom I trust is the marketer who not only shows the proof of purchase, but also explains the benefits and success rate after using it.

Some smart marketers would even put a video on it to show how they use it. The new marketers I trust most are the ones who actually USES the product, and then records a video of them using it, or writes an HONEST review of it.

Side Note: I am not going to give all those details of the above purchase here.   It is reserved for my subscribers and in a special page.  You will get a link to see all about this product with the pros and cons in addition to many more useful tips if you are in my email list. 

It’s so simple. It’s so easy and yet 99% of marketers never do these things. They won’t actually USE the products they recommend. They won’t write HONEST reviews. They won’t record videos of the results they’ve achieved through using the product and in the long run, they won’t build the audience or make nearly the much sales of the few marketers who take the time to do these things.

You want to promote a product to your list… You get the product – maybe you buy it, maybe the product owner gives it to you. You open the product up and consume it. You read the pdf, you watch the videos and you take some notes. Then you implement this strategy and you see what kind of results you get.

Then you write a review telling me about the product. What you like, what you think sucks, what is missing and so forth. You tell me who should buy this (ie: newbies, website owners, etc.) and who shouldn’t. Maybe you record a little video showing either what’s in the product or how you used it or both.

You send me an email with this info. Wow! Talk about doing me a service. Maybe I buy, maybe I don’t, but you have now earned my trust. I open your next email and your next email and the one after that. I read your REAL reviews (notice the word ‘real’) and the more I read, the more I trust you. Pretty soon I’m not buying anything unless YOU recommend it.

Congratulations – you have just risen above 99% of affiliate marketers out there. You have earned my trust and as long as you keep it up, I will continue to buy from your links. Now you got it. Didn’t you?.  This is the easiest way to make money with affiliate marketing on the beginning. Gain Trust. You will gain more grounds on that trust…I emphasize again Don’t forget…this is how you should start on affiliate marketing if you are a beginner.

Do this and you will be the Top 1% of the marketers who succeeds online. I guarantee!



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