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This is a cloud based Lead generation software that builds Entire Sales funnel including Lead Generation pages. This amazing product is launched by Russell Brunson who is a popular marketer and it build funnels, from start to finish.

This replaces many lead generation systems, starting from websites, squeeze pages, landing pages, domain, hosting and even auto responders, although it has an option to keep some of them if you want to work with it. Not only this, this has even a lead tracking system that could help you to fine tune your offers for optimum results.

Currently the value of any leads is generally considered to be $1 a month based on the average revenue a lead could create from a list. i-e If you have 10,000 leads in your list it is expected to bring around $10,000 per month. But it is easier said than done if you don’t have the right system. In order to reach its full potential you need to have the sales funnel that is attractive and with optimum features to turn sufficient leads into buyers. Otherwise the effort and resources you put into to bring those leads will be wasted resulting in losses month after month. Here are the right product set up for a full funnel for optimum results;

  1. Lead Magnet (Valuable product offered free acquire leads)
  2. Trip wire (An irresistible offer at low price tag with high bvalue)
  3. Core Offer (The main product offered at an affordable price)
  4. Upsell (A supplementary product offered after Core offer)
  5. High Value Product (High value product offered with a high price)

Once you have the above products inline you need to have the following tools to set up those funnels:

  1. Squeeze Page and Download Pages for Lead Magnet
  2. Sales Pages and Download Pages for each of the rest of the products.

You can set up all these pages using Clickfunnels. ClickFunnels has an amazing easy to handle drag and drop page building and funnel creation system that could create a unique world class attractive funnels with the above mentioned features for your products.

You also need to track the performance of each page through appropriate tracking such as;

  1. Split Testing
  2. Conversion Rates at each level

You need to do Retargeting for the visitors who leaves without taking your lead magnet by tracking them and by putting Facebook Ads. You can place tracking codes in the pages created by Clickfunnels without knowing any softkills.


If they signup to obtain your lead magnet and then don’t buy any of your products, then you need to send email using Autoresponders emphasizing and reminding the benefits of your products at appropriate Intervals.

Clickfunnels has an option to setup these own Autoresponders for sales lead generation.

More over this has an amazing feature that could bring you the most active buyer leads because of the Affiliate Page system that you could set up for any leading affiliate to join you and market your products. As it is a hub for affiliate your new products could be easily noticed by your affiliates who will promote it to their lists whenever you launch your products.

Product owners are swamping this system and it could be sold out any moment due to limitations that could be fixed in order to support the existing customers.

Remember, if you miss this opportunity you’re missing another new subscriber every second that ticks by. Before it’s completely sold out and you lose your chance forever, grab this offer right now.



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